Inspection of the largest turbines in the world completed

Last month AtSite finalized the planned inspection of the blades at the windfarm with the world's largest, most powerful wind turbines.This inspection is a part of MHI Vestas planned maintenance strategy. 

The MHI Vestas V164 - 8.0 MW turbines at Burbo Bank Extension Offshore Wind Farm will provide energy to over 230, 000 UK homes. This offshore wind farm covers 40m2, has 32 turbines, and generates a total of 258MW.

The image capture is utilized by UAV directly from the CTV vessel. This method has over this season proven to be a fast and reliable method of inspection. ”We are proud to be a part of a professional maintenance strategy, where new methods have proven to be reliable and safer than ever”, says Mads Obling Rasmussen, CEO of AtSite.