Concrete structures

Ground Based Inspection service can capture comprehensive high definition images at a distance of up to 400 metres on concrete structures.

The Ground Based Inspection service is performed by certified inspection technicians and the system generates reports for further assessment.
Concrete is used in the construction of many large scale assets such as commercial and industrial buildings, power plants and dams. These assets require regular monitoring and inspection to detect imperfections, erosion and other damage on the surface of the structure. Defects require periodic monitoring to allow scheduled maintenance to avoid safety issues and loss of productive time. Unchecked damage can lead to unsafe working conditions with potentially catastrophic effects.

Ground Based Inspections on large areas such as chimneys and cooling towers are performed in methodical patterns so the whole surface is covered and documented. Using Ground Based Inspections minimises weather downtime and has a significant cost reduction compared to traditional inspection methods.

Use Ground Based Inspection for lifetime assessments, and for periodical inspection campaigns. AtSite combines ground based inspections with other relevant inspection techniques available in specialist areas.