Offshore inspection

The inspection of offshore turbines is a critical step in long term maintenance strategies.

Offshore inspections can be performed by using ground based inspection equipment placed safely on the TP (Transition Piece) working platform. The blade inspection imaging of a complete blade can be done from the working platform, without the need of any kind of rope access work.

Ground based inspection is there for a safe and cost effective method for detailed inspection, and can be used as the preferred tool for prioritizing the next step of turbine blade maintenance. AtSite can offer specialized consultancy services within the field of detailed blade inspection, QC/QA of repairs and documentation.

The blade inspection equipment is transferred by the normal transfer vessel. By use of the davit crane the offshore equipment is loaded onto the TP in only 1 lift.

Using ground based inspection has the following advantages:

  • A safe solution without the use of rope access or equpment suspended over people
  • No weather downtime of blade inspections due to high wind
  • Less downtime for turbine due to a rapid blade inspection
  • Categorization is done by blade specialists, assuring consistancy
  • Compare your wind turbine blade condition¬†for maintenance purposes
  • Ground based inspection is done by one person only