Onshore wind turbines

AtSite uses a unique machine vision system to capture images of the four sides of a turbine blade.

These images are processed and analysed for defects by certified inspection technicians.

Ground based inspection is a rapid and safe way of inspecting your wind turbine blade. Our skilled inspection technicians can complete a wind turbine blade inspection within 2-3 hours. Ground based inspection is a cost effective method for detailed inspection, and is often used as the preferred tool for prioritizing the next step of turbine blade maintenance. AtSite can offer specialized consultancy services within the field of detailed blade inspection, QC/QA of repairs and documentation.    

Blade defects and areas of interest are categorised and can be reviewed in the final report. The report on any one specific turbine inspection is delivered within 24 hours after the inspection has been completed. The fleet summary and image back are delivered within 10 working days as a standard setup. 

Using ground based inspection as the preferred inspection brings the following advantages:

  • No rope access
  • Minimum weather downtime
  • Less downtime for turbine due to rapid blade inspection
  • A 100% scan of all sides of the turbine blade, suction side, pressure side, trailing edge and leading edge
  • Categorisation is done by a certified inspection technician, for assuring the best assessment of each defect
  • Compare your wind turbine blade condition year after year
  • Ground based inspection is done by only one inspection operator + one turbine operator. AtSite is also able to supply the role of turbine operator in order to ensure the most optimal performance