Steel structures

Ground Based Inspection is also used to capture high definition images of transmission towers, antennas and other steel structures.

The detail in these images provides the basis for a detailed desk top assessment of the condition of the tower from top to bottom.
Our system provides a close visual inspection in a convenient and usable photographic format. Inspections include the condition of insulators and connections, shoes, dampers, earth wire and connection, as well as structural steel bracings. All inspections are reviewed by structural engineers.

Main Benefits

  • A safer working environment – we remove the need for people to work at height as well as keeping them at a safe distance from hazardous assets
  • Reduced outages – thanks to detailed inspections taking place while the asset is live
  • Reduced costs – by minimising downtime
  • Higher quality information – our system provides comprehensive imaging of the asset, enabling a complete desktop review
  • All inspections are reviewed by highly experienced transmission, distribution and structural engineers